Eight participants from four different project partners gathered for a successful project meeting to discuss the remaining tasks during the last stretch of the Storytelling project.

As our project is getting closer and closer to the finish line, the eight participants from Romania, Portugal, and Spain joined in La Corrala Santiago, a building of the University of Granada located in the Realejo neighborhood of Granada. The building dates from the 16th century and is used today for exhibitions, theater, and concerts. Moreover, it is part of the sphere game, a product of this project.
The meeting was chaired by Andreea Cosma, from Romania, the STORYLINE project manager. She gave a short overview of all intellectual outputs and corresponding documentation that all participants, volunteers and partners need to finish for the final output, a book titled Stories for Young Learners.
Of particular interest was the choice and translations regarding a series of 360 degrees spherical photos taken in multiple countries. These are meant to illustrate the different project stories online. Other agenda points were hosting of a multiplier event by each participating country, the timeline check for all remaining project activities, a dissemination plan of the project results and the details of the project survey.
During the meeting, all the partners contributed with their ideas and different points of view regarding the remaining tasks during the last steps of the project.