The participants from Spain, Romania and Portugal visited the Spanish capital for multiple training sessions that explored storytelling as a tool for second language acquisition.

The Spanish training for the STORYLINE project is titled “Storytelling for Social Inclusion” and it was held in Madrid during February 25 – March 3, 2022. Didark, from Spain organized the event. During five days, the participants took part in three training sessions and two cultural sessions. The training sessions were held at the NH Hotel, Passeo de la Habana, in Madrid, while the cultural activities took place either in the historical center of Madrid or in the workshop room, at forementioned hotel. The training in Madrid was assisted by a total of 26 people: nine volunteers and participants from Granada (UGR), two from PHOART Rumania, six from HEI Rumania and nine from COFAC Portugal.

The objectives of the training referred to exploring storytelling as a tool for second language acquisition in an inclusive environment, creating non-formal resources for teaching English and discussing the advantages of using storytelling in language teaching, through digital tools. The result of the training was the creation of eight complex non-formal education activities and games based on storytelling.