We had a cooking workshop, with Chef Fernando Rodrigo. We learned how to make “tortilla de patatas,” without being able to talk and with the pressure of time ? to work on non-verbal communication and team building. 

Using text as a resource to implement non formal activities proved how powerful storytelling is in teaching. Besides working in the workshop room, we also enjoyed a scavenger hunt to discover the legendary Barrio de las Letras. The so called “neighborhood of the letters” housed some of the most important writers in Spanish literature ? ? The neighborhood, located in the city center, continues to be an influential area thanks to its beauty and history. 

Sara Decoz, an official tour guide, made us discover an important and historical part of Madrid, the so-called “Madrid de los Austrias”. Storytelling was very present when communicating and transmitting the historical and cultural heritage.

An amazing training full of laughter, heritage, art, culture, debate… ⭐

The participants received their Youthpass and ate “cocido madrileño” to end a perfect training with… a perfect meal! ?

? Organised by Didark Didáctica ? 

❗Phoart Media Production flew as well to Madrid and took 360 HD pictures. 

? ? ? Soon available in the #Storyline virtual reality game and HUB!

House of Education and Innovation – HEI Universidad de Granada ULHT – Universidade Lusófona de Humanidades e Tecnologias

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