What happened during the Digital Non-Formal Language Learning Methodologies training organized this summer by House of Education and Innovation – HEI

  • Project presentation
  • Getting to know each other through digital tools
  • Social media to hold creative writing activities
  • The importance of culture to increase involvement levels in language learning
  • Non-formal education practice sessions
  • Constanta treasure hunt (via mAPP My Europe, recently finished Erasmus+ project APP for Android and iPhone)
  • Use of audiovisual material
  • History, culture trips and outdoor activities
  • Group dynamics
  • Organized meals and traditional Romanian dinner
  • Intercultural dinner
  • Youth involvement in training activities
  • Utilization of texts from STORYLINE with teaching purposes
  • Development of lesson plans
  • Discussion on strengths and weaknesses of different educational approaches
  • Online resources presentations
  • Youthpass ceremony

During the 7 days of training, we hosted youth workers from #Spain#Portugal and #Romania in Constanța to share good practices and knowledge on #storytelling#digitalization#nonformaleducation and #languagelearning.

Looking forward to attending future trainings and meetings! 🤩

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