Project presentation
Getting to know each other through digital tools
Social media to hold creative writing activities
The importance of culture to increase involvement levels in language learning
Non-formal education practice sessions
Constanta treasure hunt (via mAPP My Europe, recently finished Erasmus+ project APP for Android and iPhone)
Use of audiovisual material
History, culture trips and outdoor activities
Group dynamics
Organised meals and traditional Romanian dinner
Intercultural dinner
Youth involvement in training activities
Utilization of texts from STORYLINE with teaching purposes
Development of lesson plans
Discussion on strengths and weaknesses of different educational approaches
Online resources presentations

Youthpass ceremony During the 7 days of training, we hosted youth workers from #Spain, #Portugal and #Romania in Constanta to share good practices and knowledge on #storytelling, #digitalization, #nonformaleducation and #languagelearning. For more info, visit Looking forward to attending future trainings and meetings!

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