? While originally storytelling emerged as a form of passing on cultural heritage and other teachings, this project uses this concept as a bridge between the youth and the elder. The project facilitates the dialogue between locals and expats, the young and the elder communities, in order to raise awareness on the importance of community’s cooperation for the achievement of social prosperity.

✍️ The stories will be selected, edited and adapted to different levels of reading material for young learners (beginner, intermediate and advanced). The youth will also be involved in the editing and translating process of adapting the stories. The adapted stories will be collected by HEI and PHOART and will be organized in the StorytellingHUB – a platform for language learning, and an eBook. The eBook will also comprise good practices in language learning as developed during the youth workers’ trainings. Therefore, the youth are encouraged to get to know better the elder and disadvantaged communities of their cities and to give visibility to their past by turning their stories into language learning material for other European youngsters.

⚙️ Moreover, out of the 63 stories available on the HUB, 12 of them will be transformed into Virtual reality “escape rooms”. This game will be called “EscapeStory Sphere” and will be an interactive language-learning game which promotes cultural heritage and storytelling as a way to learn about a language and a culture. The game will be available free, online, and can be used with VR glasses or without, by using a laptop, phone or tablet.

➡️ The project’s main aim is to encourage intercultural and intergenerational connections and promotion of cultural heritage and exchanges through storytelling and language learning.